Tarlig Office

Here, our project brief was the refurbishment of an existing office space of around 160 m2, as Tarlig Accountants’ new headquarters. In order to do so, we started by removing the existing interior walls, along with the suspended ceilings, the pavements and all the installations. Emptied out, the space turned out to be ideal for the required program. We placed three private offices along the facades, surrounding the open-space working area at the center. The meeting room is positioned behind this area, as if it is its extension. The entrance hall, opening to the kitchen and the bathrooms from one side and to the archive from the other, oriented the visitors towards the open-space working area. Since our clients would bring their own furniture, we used a neutral, grayscale color palette throughout the whole space. Areas within the office are differentiated and underlined with the help of variations among the selected materials, colors and shades, allowing to enrich the spatial experience of both the workers and the clients.

CLIENTTarlig Accountants