Radar is an art space located in Besiktas, Istanbul. It is on the 19th floor of a business tower situated in the major central business district of the city. Here, the biggest challenge was to convert an area supposed to become an office space, into a space dedicated to art.

First, we started by zoning the area: The entrance hall, the core containing the information desk, the kitchen, the restroom and the storage, as well as the office were all positioned in such a way to allow for a large exhibition area. The exhibition area is then surrounded with walls inside the facade, allowing both to block the sunlight and shape the interior space. All the spaces are aimed to be neat and clean.

In order to maintain the limited ceiling height, we kept all the mechanical systems outside the exhibition area, hidden inside the suspended ceiling. Also, the reinforced concrete ceiling is left exposed. Only power lines and spot rails were kept inside.

At Radar, the material palette is limited and the colors are neutral. This way, we wanted to create an austere atmosphere, keeping itself distant, while bringing the artworks forward.

CLIENTNesrin Esirtgen
CONSULTANTSHaldun Dostoglu, Cem Kocaciklioglu
PHOTOGRAPHSHadiye Cangokce