Suleymaniye Renovation Area Block 565

Today, conscious and unconscious interventions and neglect have caused the registered and unregistered
building stock in Süleymaniye to decrease significantly. The neighborhood fabric has been largely lost, and the
spaces left as a result of demolitions have begun to be used as parking lots. With a new law, the principles and
procedures regarding the reconstruction and restoration of the regions that are worn out and about to lose their
characteristics, registered and declared as protected areas, and the protected areas belonging to these
regions; in accordance with the development of the region, the creation of housing, trade, culture, tourism and
social facilities in these areas, taking measures against the risk of natural disasters, and the renewal, protection
and use of historical and cultural immovable assets are regulated. For this reason, architectural teams, including
us, have prepared preliminary projects for diierent islands and parcels.

CLIENTIstanbul Metropolitan Municipality
BUILT AREA1.515 m2