Sile Kurnakoy Houses

Sile Kurnakoy Houses is a residential project consisting of two sites. The first one includes nine villas in three different types, while the second one includes four villas in two different types.

In the first site, all the villas are looking towards the forest. Because of the shape of the site, which narrows down towards the ends, type A villas are positioned in parallel with the site’s long edge. In contrast, towards the middle part, where the site’s depth increases, type B and C villas are positioned perpendicular to that edge, towards the forest. The car access is kept at the back, in such a way to liberate the connection between the gardens and the forest.

Type A’s and C’s are duplex villas, wheres type B’s are triplex villas, which gain an additional floor with the help of the natural slope. All of the houses have living rooms and kitchens on the garden level and contain bedrooms on the upper floors, except for type A villas which have an additional bedroom on the ground floor.

In the second site, the four villas are positioned perpendicular to the site’s long edge. Like the first site, the car access is at the back. All the villas are duplex, nevertheless, type A villa is bigger than type B villas. It has a bedroom on the ground floor, and two bedrooms and a hall on the first floor. In contrast with the type A villa, type B’s have closed kitchens. They have three bedrooms on the upper floor, however, they lack a double storey high living room, due to the limited floor area.

All the thirteen villas are using the same material palette: Side walls covered with slate, front and back facades covered with porous plaster and off white paint. The windows are underlined with the introduction of the timber, which becomes sometimes a facade cladding, and sometimes louvers or shutters. The verticality of the timber contrasts with the horizontality of the slate, in such a way to balance the perception. All the villas have verandas with steel canopies, covered with wooden battens.

CLIENTMod Iskele
STATUSUnder Construction
BUILT AREA2.140 m2