Dome Istanbul

Dome Istanbul is an interior concept for an international technology company, which aims at conceiving a space working as a canvas for creative production. It consists of the refurbishment of the ground and mezzanine floors (upper floors will be used as offices) of an abandoned building located in an industrial area, once at the outskirts of Istanbul, and now keeping its industrial character along the central business district. Dome Istanbul is based on a balance between this industrial character and its high-tech content. It will be the meeting point of company agencies, agency candidates, prospects and individuals, generating a user-based experience, with the help of these various actors. Our proposal, defined as “Parkour”, is based on the creation of a trajectory, a non-linear spatial strip that starts from the entry and goes along the display, meeting, conference and play zones. Along this strip, structuring the whole space, various programs are blending. The Parkour is made of corten and has a dynamic geometry, bringing the region’s industrial character inside the space and setting other elements free in material and form.

STATUSInvited Competition