BPE Factory

BPE Factory is located in the Kayapa Organized Industrial District in Bursa. It is designed as the new production facility and headquarters of a plastic injection company.

The building is composed of two parts: The office section looking towards the road and the production and storage areas at the back. The former one consists of three storeys, connected with a circulation tower at one end. The ground floor is reserved for the entrance hall, the information desk, a meeting room, the refectory and dressing rooms. The first floor contains the common office areas and the second floor is reserved for the administration. Contrary to the office part, the production and storage section contains a basement floor, making use of the site’s slope. The ground floor which contains the main production, is double storey high, allowing the first floor to be on the same level with the office section’s second floor.

The office section is a conventional reinforced concrete structure, whereas the production and storage zone is made out of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. Distinction between the two sections is further emphasized with the help of the materials used on their facades. The office section is clad with aluminum composite panels on the sides, which continue on the main canopy at the top. Besides protecting the building against the western sun and the rain, this canopy helps to regulate the difference between the angles of the road and the front facade. The curtain window system on the front facade both gives the building a transparent appearance and reflects the industrial environment.

The production and storage areas are clad with undulated metal sheets applied on cellular concrete facade walls. This system both decreases the construction budget and increases the durability of these facades.

STATUSUnder Construction
BUILT AREA6.250 m2