CSD House

CSD House is situated in Kocakoy Village, located in Ayvacik, Canakkale. It is designed as the vacation home of a young couple, willing to spend more time in the region, mostly during the weekends and through the summer.

It is a one storey building with a rectangular shape, positioned along the southern edge of the site, allowing to obtain a decently sized garden towards the north, which contains a long swimming pool perpendicular to the house.

The plan is rationally composed: The living room is oriented towards the view through a large window, and is connected with the garden via a covered veranda. The kitchen and the dining area are open to the living room, and get differentiated from it with the help of a level difference. The two bedrooms are located on the other side of the house, both with views towards the garden.

In terms of material palette, CSD House is quite modest: Two side walls along the long edges are covered with natural stone, whereas the front and back facades are left in plaster and paint. The natural stone is pierced with frames, also in plaster and paint, where windows and doors are located. The idea of using frames continues in the interior space as well, around the large window looking towards the sea and the library in the living room, along with the niches in the hallway and the main bedroom.

CLIENTOva & Turanli Family