Colony N

From the press release of the exhibiton Colony N, that took place at Gazhane Istanbul Climate Museum and Galeri Nev Istanbul:

“The experimental project titled Colony N, carried out by Aras Seddigh with the aim of exploring the genuine language generated in various disciplinary studies besides her individual practice, will take place in two different locations in succession. A part of the project can be visited at the Climate Museum in Gazhane Museum between November 2 – 30, 2022 and the second part will be on view at Galeri Nev Istanbul between November 11 – December 10, 2022.

The installation at the Climate Museum which emerged as a result of the intersection of the production process of Aras Seddigh with Fateme Frootan’s new generation planting project where she applied alternative agricultural methods, establishes a post-modern link between scientific data and art production, acting on the principle of appropriation. In the installation, a soilless and waterless alternative space is created for the saffron bulbs to sprout in a cabinet, which can also be observed by the audience. Architect Ali Derya Dostoglu developed the cabin design of Seddigh’s experimental project together with the artist who applied the production method in a cabin environment for the first time based on Frootan’s work. The project proposes an alternative cultivation procedure by designing a mobile biotope (cabin) in which the seasonal environmental conditions are fulfilled, thus, wooden racks where saffron bulbs are placed stimulate the soil and isolate them from their natural habitat. In this way, in addition to the considerable reduction in water consumption, a large number of saffron bulbs find an opportunity to bloom in a smaller area in comparison to the soil.”

COLLABORATIONAras Seddigh, Fateme Frootan, Candas Sisman
PHOTOGRAPHSAras Seddigh, Baturhan Bilgin (stills from video)